Gold Frame Filter:  Premium quality gold anodized frame, 4 pieces of aluminum, single screw in each corner, standard 1" depth.  High efficiency, 165 grams dust holding capacity, anti-microbial.

Silver Frame Filter: Single piece of roll formed aluminum, fastened in 1 corner with rivet, available depths: 1/2", 1", 2", 4", 5", 6".  High efficiency, 165 grams dust holding capacity, anti-microbial.

Flex Frame Filter:  Flexible frames are available for applications where a rigid frame cannot be used because the filter must be bent in order to install.  Flexible frames have both a 3/8" polyester layer and an expanded metal stiffener applied between two layers of polypropylene with a polypropylene webbing frame which is sewn around the edge.  These 3/8" thick filters fit most 1" applications.

Electrostatic Air Filters

Vent Pro is proud to carry Air-Care manufactured electrostatic air filters.  Air-Care is the leading manufacturer of this high-efficiency air filter which is the perfect companion to a freshly cleaned air duct system.

These specialized filters remove 94% of the contaminants that pass through them.  The average

disposable air filter removes only 10% or less.  If you've already invested in getting your air

ducts cleaned, this premium quality filter will keep your system clean and free of irritants for

years to come.  This high performance lifetime filter replaces a standard low efficiency "throw

away" filter with no modification to your air system.

These filters will:

SAVE TIME - No more shopping for air filters

SAVE MONEY - The last air filter you will ever buy

SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT - Avoid filling up landfills with throw-away filters

How do electrostatic air filters work? 

  Electrostatic air filters work by using specially engineered fibers that produce an electric charge (like static electricity) that

  collects air pollutants and traps them in the filter so they stay out of the air you breathe.

What type of maintenance is required?  

  Every 30-60 days, just remove the air filter from your system, hose it off in the opposite direction of airflow, let it air dry, and place it back in your system.

Is there a warranty?  

  All of our electrostatic air filters come with a free lifetime warranty.

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