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Vent Pro is a local, family owned business.  Josh Snyder, President, gained his experience by working in the HVAC field for over 13 years.  Over these years he noticed the lack of focus on air ducts themselves and on the amount of debris and germs being pushed in the air by dirty duct systems.  Upon researching this further, and realizing how harmful contaminated air can be to an individual, he saw a need in our community for a professional, honest air duct cleaning company.


Through certification classes, Josh learned valuable techniques using state of the art equipment to properly clean and treat air duct systems. It is of the utmost importance to Josh to pass this knowledge onto each technician hired at Vent Pro.  Providing certified technicians with a solid work ethic to our customers is as valuable as using the proper equipment to improve our customers' indoor air quality.  Josh's philosophy of serving customers in an honest and diligent manner will show through in the work provided by each person at Vent Pro. When we come into your home, it will not be as contractors, but as invited guests who will respect your home and family members.  It will be a pleasure for us at Vent Pro to get you on your way to breathing easier. 

To provide exceptional service through our knowledge, certification, high work ethic and genuine care for our customer's health.  We want to build long lasting relationships with our customers and provide an important service to the community by offering our services at truly a good value for your money.

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